Appeal to the politicians of Düsseldorf and the public against deportations to Afghanistan

Appeal to the politicians of Düsseldorf and the public

No deportations to Afghanistan – Düsseldorf must guarantee a right to remain!

On December 14th the first collective deportation from the federal republic to Afghanistan took place – despite the 1600 dead and more than 3500 injured civilians only in the first half year of 2016. Terror attacks like the ones occuring in Kabul (21st of November, at least 27 casualties) or in Masar-i-Sharif, previously judged safe by the government (10th of November, at least 4 casualties, 128 injured, German consulate in ruins) clearly show: Afghanistan isn’t safe. After more than 30 years war is still raging.

The deportations to Afghanistan have been heavily criticized both by civil society and by the media. People, that fled Afghanistan, have been taking to the streets against these plans for weeks now, in Düsseldorf as well as other places. And rightly so: When the minister of interior Thomas de Maizière steps out of a helicopter in Kabul wearing a bullet proof vest and under military protection, than this is the height of cynicism for those that are currently threatened by deportation to that country.

The deportation practice of the federal government isn’t subject to the careful evaluation of the local situation and the fate of the individuals, but to arbitrary political decisions. A safe, civil life in Afghanistan is just impossible. And even for young, single men, a return to Afghanistan is life-threatening, as they will be forcefully conscripted into one of the warring parties.
In Düsseldorf there have even already been cases where the BAMF tears up families with its asylum decisions.

When a government wants to violate human rights, by sending refugees back into war zones, that people have to take responsibility on a different level – especially locally in the municipalities:

  • We demand that the city council of Düsseldorf: Speaks up in a resolution against any deportation to Afghanistan from Düsseldorf! Lend the employees of the office of foreign affairs, who don’t want to be complicit in the deportations, your support. Make it clear, that as those politically responsible for Düsseldorf’s administration, you expect it to uphold human rights and not to participate in deportations to a warzone.
  • We demand that the mayor Thomas Geisel and refugee commissioner Miriam Koch: Take responsibility! Make it clear that as the head of Düsseldorf’s administration and refugee commissioner of the city you will stand against these misanthropic deportations!
  • We demand that the Düsseldorf party members: Make it clear, that you expect your parliamentary groups in the council, as well as those responsible for your local foreigners office and the head of administration, to prevent deportations from Düsseldorf to Afghanistan. Declare, without ambiguity, that you won’t accept any attempts to deflect responsibility from those making local decisions. Beyond that, speak up, on every level, for an end to deportations on state and federal stage. Increase the pressure, so that the deal made with the Afghan government on the acceptance of returned refugees, which was made without a parliamentarian or public debate, is canceled.
  • We demand that the management as well as the employees of the foreigners office of the city of Düsseldorf: Don’t permit any deportations from Düsseldorf to Afghanistan! The employees of the local foreigners office are the ones who implement the deportation process. They are the ones actually deciding which name is on the deportation list. Which is why they can commit themselves to ensuring no one will be deported into a warzone from our city. They now have the chance to actually save lives instead of taking part in the preparation and facilitation of deportations.
  • We demand that the readers of this appeal to whatever they can to fight the planned deportations in their areas of responsibility. Position yourselves for a society in which the constitutionally protected human rights and the practical protection of human life comes first.
    Sign and spread our appeal!

“We won’t idly stand by, while we are deported back into the hands of the Taliban. The fights between them, the afghan military and the various warlords within a corrupt system threaten the lives of our families”, declares Mr. Ghorbani, a spokesperson of our alliance.
It is now up to those responsible in Düsseldorf not to stand by, Afghanistan isn’t safe – no deportations to Afghanistan.

Alliance “Nedaje Afghan – Afghanischer Aufschrei” Düsseldorf, 11.01.2017

Further information:

If you want to sign the appeal please send an email to Please forward this appeal to your friends, colleagues, organisations and relatives.

Signees (as of 02/01/17)

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Agnes Kilian
Andrea Dietrich
Anna Joost
Anne Angsten
Arezo Popal-Akhzarati
Christian Arnold (HSD, FB Soz-Kult)
Daniel Neiken
Dieter Forchmann
Dr. Sabine Speiser
Eva Klippenstein Dipl.-Soziologin
Franca La Tragna-Heidenblut
Frank Pleske
Friedrich Schluck
Hedda Stegemann
Hossna Yassin
Jörg Heuer (Berlin)
Johanna Jacksteit (Erlangen)
Julius Wiebe
Klara Sturm
Luca Voges
Luzia Bey
Magdalena Losiewicz
Marcel Keienborg, Rechtsanwalt, Düsseldorf
Marie Bran
Martina Kollroß
Martin Forberg M.A. (Dozent und freier Journalist, Berlin)
Mascha Zapf
Michaela M. Mueller, Dipl.Psych.
Oskar Schlaak (HSD, FB Soz-Kult)
Patrick Krings
Paula Kamilla Schomerus
Peter Bürger (kath. Theologe, Publizist), Düssseldorf
Prof. Dr. jur. Klaus Riekenbrauk , Rechtsanwalt, Düsseldorf
Prof. Dr. Wolf-Dieter Just
Prof. Gabi Schwab-Trapp (HSD, FB Medien)
Randi Haufe
Sabine ‘Atari-Frosch’ Becker
Silke Merse
Sophie Kuchelmeister
Stefan Frischauf (Aufbauhelfer 2009/10 in Afghanistan, Dipl. Ing. Architekt AKNW)
Stephan Thönnessen, Dipl. Ing., Friedens- und Konfliktberater (Neuss)
Ulrike Janssen
Ursula Mathern
Violetta Bat
Wolfgang Zimmermann
Wolfgang Terlinden
Yaşar Ohle