Call for action: mass deportation on 23 january 2018

+++ CALL FOR SOLIDARITY-PHOTOS! For further information about the idea see here  +++

No deportation to Afghanistan! Afghanistan is not safe!

  • Protests against collective deportation(s) at Dusseldorf Airport and at Dusseldorf main station
  • Date: Tuesday, January 23, 2018
  • Time: 4 pm in front of Dusseldorf main station
                   5 pm at Dusseldorf airport, passengers’ hall, Terminal B
  • Further information: here

On Tuesday, 23 January, people are to be deported from Düsseldorf Airport to Afghanistan, Kabul.
We, as the Dusseldorf Alliance “Afghan outcry” in association with refugees of all backgrounds, their supporters and human rights activists, as well as numerous other initiatives and organizations from North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW) condemn the planned deportation and demand the immediate suspension of all deportations to Afghanistan and the recognition of the need for protection of refugees from this area.

Deportations to Afghanistan are dangers to life and limb of the people affected because there are no safe areas in Afghanistan. This is evidenced by numerous reports from human rights organizations and the UN, which speak of the country’s most insecure situation since 2001. Daily attacks and violence throughout the entire state territory are still ignored by the german federal government despite the alarming reports. In Kabul alone, there were 20 major attacks with numerous deaths last year. According to the UN, the number of domestic refugees rose about 450,000 last year, and about 660,000 in the previous year. With Afghanistan, a country is declared a safe country of origin, in whose continuing state of war the german federal government is involved.

The argument put forward in the past by the federal government that deportees are “only” “offenders” and “perjurers” has not only been disproved several times, but irresponsible and inhumane in view of the situation in Afghanistan. All Afghan people without a secure residence status suffer from fear of deportation.

Since the resumption of deportations at the end of 2016, there have been 43 attempted suicides by afghan refugees in Bavaria alone. Again and again, after the recent collective deportations, cases were known of people who had committed no crime or whose offense had existed in driving without a ticket. Most of them were people who did not pose any danger and who had partly apprenticeship or work.

We demand an end to the deportation policy of the Federal Government, which was driven forward by the extreme right wing!

We are in solidarity with all refugees!

For Tuesday, the 23rd of January, we call for a protest at Dusseldorf Airport (Terminal B) and at Dusseldorf main station.

At the airport there will be speeches besides a loud protest. In addition, flowers are to be put down on the ground for those who have already been deported to Afghanistan, for those who are deported to Afghanistan on that day, for those who live in fear every day to be sent back to the war zone.

Wearing black garments as an expression of grief is desireable.
In addition to the protest at the airport there will also be an action at the Dusseldorf main station. Further information will follow.

It is also called to express solidarity with those affected on the day of the planned deportation under the
hashtag #afghanistanisnotsafe

We ask you to sign the call, to spread it and to come in large numbers to the protests!

Nedaje Afghan and supporters


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